Monday, August 06, 2007

Scout's Honour

I remembered the time I was passed over from being selected for scouts. It was back in primary school and I was given a miss over the excuse that the quota is full. Right, what rubbish. In any case, I wasn't overly disappointed, considering the scout teacher was a total psycho case. If he was still a teacher today I think he would have long since found himself behind bars for abuse and assault. Seriously back then, Mr. Psycho had a reputation for excessive use of force. Rumour had it that he had drew blood before from past students and that his wife left him because of spousal abuse.

Anyway, bitter and disillusioned about being rejected from the "exclusive boys' club", I ended up becoming a member of the St. John's Ambulance instead. Go ahead, laugh and call me a fag. In times of emergency, a medical officer can strip anyone of their rank for being medically incompetent and take charge. Take that you testosterone filled brats. In any case, the scouts are not as manly as one would assume. The founder, Robert Baden-Powell was speculated to be a repressed homosexual who often praised the male anatomy and denigrated the female one. He also enjoyed seeing his underlings stripped down for a swim and had a special youthful "friend" whom he fondly refers to as "the boy". So the next time you scout boys think you're so manly, just remember you had your origins as an old pervert's fantasy.

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