Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Comparison

A topic that I have often discussed with friends is why gay relationships usually fail in comparison with straight relationships. Not to say our straight counterparts have it any easier, they probably have their own troubles as well. So what is it that makes straight relationships last longer in comparison to our often two months flings? Here's an easy pictorial journey:

In an average heterosexual's life:

The teenage years

The adult years



Family life

The kids grow up and have their own families

And then they grow old together

In an average homosexual's life:

First year of coming out

...average of 10x during the first year

5 years in the gay scene

...already lost count after the second year

10 years in the gay scene longer counting

30 years in the gay scene

No more "I love you's"... (At 50 years)

Your funeral, and that's the only guy who ever loved you but you didn't realise attending in drag

Any questions?


Brian Chang said...

very true.

Elaine said...

No more 'I love you's...

Elaine said...

Sorry, the song was damn catchy. But don't older gay men continue dating?