Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Memoriam

Beatrice "Bea" Arthur
1922 - 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Of Pets

I like having pets. I have had dogs since I was five - well up till I moved to the city anyway. After that there was a pet-less six years due to the fact I had no fixed lodgings, followed by the fact that I live alone and I hardly spend any time at home. Of course in those years, I had housemates who had pets, a rather old shaggy orange hamster whom I nicknamed Hamtaro (whom I ended up taking care of in my housemate's absence) and a tank of fish (that also ended up my responsibility in her absence).

When I did eventually have my own place I always wanted a dog but it didn't seem like a good idea to leave a dog alone in the house for 12 hours a day. I could imagine coming home to happy tail wagging in a background of chaos and "landmines". Eventually I did get a fish in a bowl but there didn't seem much amusement in that aside from the fact that they don't usually don't live long.

And then I considered getting a cat - but the fact their poop are probably the most hazardous things next to anthrax did not appeal to me. And cat hairs are likely to give me fits. My mom also does not like cats - she's fine with them, as long as they don't live with her. I also did not appreciate that cats often appear nonchalant towards their owners. One queen in the house was quite enough. Last week, I did the unthinkable. I did not do it on an impulse because I thought about it for at least two months. It is undeniable though that I was reckless with my considerations. Maybe I just wanted to be less analytical for once and take a risk. So now here I am saddled down by a pair of rabbits.

Buyer's remorse, I definitely have it. Mostly from the fact that they poop and pee with such frequency that I have to clear out the hutch at least twice a day. Other than that, I find them a source of amusement. For one thing, they seem to know where to do their business: at the litter tray. Their curious nature seem to test my patience and tickle me at the same time. I almost ended up squashing one of them yesterday when I decided to lie down on the floor last night to watch TV. The rascal decided it was worth investigating when it saw me sit down on the floor. Not to mention during their hours out of the hutch, I can't take my eyes off them. Wires and carpets seem fair game to them when it comes to chewing. Every few minutes I have to check underneath the sofa to make sure they are not up to mischief. And why didn't anyone mention that rabbits have horrible sharp claws? My mom is going to have a field day the next time she comes over.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is an entry to alleviate Six's concern that my blog is dying, on top of the fact that I posted memoriams for two dead people twice in a row. What's wrong with honoring a geek who played a demon and a geek who is almost a demi-god to other geeks? In any case, Six, you will be happy to know that KFC is venturing into GRILLED chicken. A lot more healthier I must agree, but KGC just doesn't really have a nice ring to it - it sounds more like some secret terrorist organisation or some governmental department. Who can tell the difference nowadays.

So in case anyone out there is wondering why I often have a dearth and spurt period in producing blog entries, it is usually due to work. If I feel unhappy at work, entries come in less. Don't ask me why. The health of my writings is susceptible to my attitude and mood towards work. And at this moment, I am dying to get out but the current state of the world economy is holding me back from taking the risk. Low pay is better than no pay. I find it quite distressing how my creativity has been hitting a slump for the past 5 years. For any designer, that might as well be a death knell. And I don't know if it is just me or the state of the creative industry in Malaysia. For example, I have no real free reign over things I design. I might as well just ask my seniors and managers to dictate and I just vomit out the result, because in the end, none of the ideas are really mine. It doesn't help that my senior colleague speaks to me in a tone that I find demeaning. One might think I am not open to criticism, but I think there's a big difference in constructive criticism and plain insult. I hope this answers concerns as to why my Facebook status often expresses my urge for mayhem and violence towards my peers.

I don't think a holiday is going to help much either. I tend to come back feeling depressed and worse that it had to end and I am back to the vicious cycle. What I need is a job that I am interested in that doesn't make me feel like I am in a virtual prison for 8 hours a day. Right now, I feel like a trapped, stifled animal and I believe I am venting out my frustrations in unhealthy outlets. I NEED to GET OUT.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

In Memoriam

Dave Arneson

Thursday, April 02, 2009

In Memoriam

Andy Hallett
1975 - 2009