Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Random Quotes from the Past 24 Hours

"Maybe you should write a screwy letter, laced with lust and lewdness, something about his wife perving at the boss for so long, and that her vagina tingles at the thought of him, and that is why she has to resign... or risk raping him in a haze of mad lust" - to a friend complaining about being asked by a colleague to help his wife write a resignation letter

"Well they certainly have better manners not to moan like you're having a dozen men cum on your face in Baskin' Robbins" - on Malaysian gay men being compared with their Singaporean counterparts.

"Sunday? Either this is a delayed message or you've just lost a day due to alien abduction" - to Laynie after mistaking Monday for a Sunday

"The fear of my mom doing the guilt trip thing on me? Oh yeah. I'd rather have it permanently tattooed in a few brain cells than to forget" - on forgetting my mother's birthday

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