Monday, June 26, 2006

If You Knew You Were Going To Die Today, What Would You Do?

I got tagged by the evil whiterabbit. As if I wasn't morbid enough.

Well first of all I would bemoan the unfairness of the whole situation, so many things I have not done, so many things that I still want to do. Well actually come to think of it, maybe I won't. Think I have always been ready to die anyway, with or without unfinished business. OK maybe I do need to tie up some loose ends first, beginning with the erasure of all the porn in my PC and the destruction of all the likes stored in CDs. There are probably one or two gay magazines lying around but I think I will leave those just to leave some unanswered questions to torment the living.

Of everything that I currently own I don't think I really need to deal with it personally because I think my family will know how to handle it. All my CDs will probably go to Jon Jon as mentioned before though I doubt he will really understand the true message stored in them which will be my unspoken story. My books, my precious books, I think will be the ones I will worry for the most. I don't think anybody will really truly know the meaning I place in my books. Though I would hate to see the entire collection separated, I will probably delegate my friends to do what they will with them. I am sure Kento would love to have the Neil Gaiman graphic novels so I guess he can have those. My fish will go to CJ, maybe he will figure what I mean by the legacy.

So property aside, so I guess now it's time to clear up the emotional part? I am sure most of my friends would love to see me forgive some people but sorry to say that's not going to happen. I mean if I'm going to die today why waste my time on insignificant people. Rather though, I think I would like to tell two special people in life on how much I love them, one of whom changed my life in ways he never knew, though I am with neither at the moment. It is also time to tell all the GXCs to screw themselves as I am dying and I will no longer be doing my classes. Besides that I don't think there is much need to say any goodbyes. Where I am going, everyone will come to sooner or later - memento mori. Just kidding...

Once everything in KL is settled, it's time to return home to the hometown, and to die where the happiest days of my life were. Probably I will leave instructions for my funeral, a jazz one. No point really in crying over an ending, celebrate my life, even though it may not have been totally well-lived. Realistically speaking though, half of the things I mentioned above will probably remain undone. After all, all I have is 24 hours.

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