Sunday, June 18, 2006


Football, the one thing that most men can't imaging living without.

Football, the one thing that most men will agree is the greatest sport ever.

And it should go to hell.

I am sick of whole hoolabaloo that is the World Cup. There is no respite from it. It's everywhere. From cars to insurance, cereals to softdrinks - every industry is jumping the World Cup bandwagon. Nine out of ten commercials on TV are about football. It's on every billboard on the roads. There is even a huge inflated football smack right at the seedy end of Jalan Bukit Bintang. I can't even ignore it because Hotlink is sending me unsolicited 'World Cup' sms updates every bloody morning... AT SIX! For God's sake, someone tried to organised a WORLD CUP TALK IN MY BLOODY COMPANY.

I go into an elevator after gym in the evening, nobody but me and this personal trainer inside. He looks at me for a while. I feigned nonchalance. I know what is on his mind but I thought maybe if I don't pay any attention to him he won't say it.

Personal Trainer: Just finished gym?
Me: Yes
Personal Trainer: Going home to watch football? *Grins*

Personal trainer disintegrates.

Well that was what I wished could have happened, but instead I just told him politely that I wasn't a footie fan. That particular evening, I also happened to be racing home to catch Charmed. Now generally I don't watch TV at all these days, but imagine my irritation to switch on the TV when I got home to find Charmed had been pre-empted so they could air some stupid World Cup forum with a bunch of fugly unknowns.

Is it suppose to be ingrained in every male to like football? I would like to clarify I for one am NOT interested in football whatsoever. Back in school, I wouldn't even want to watch my classmates chase a ball around the field, much less participate in it. In the last World Cup, I attempted to understand my brother and father's preoccupation with football by watching along. I still didn't see the attraction in watching several men chase a ball around a field while their fans go at each other's necks. For those you out there who think football is a very manly sport, think again. Everyone in football is more drama queen than soap operas. All you have to do is listen to the news on the radio every morning and you will know. And what other sport do you get men who openly embrace and kiss each other on the field?

I was quite appalled to hear someone saying that United Nations should take some lessons from World Cup. If any sporting event should get that honour, it's the Olympics and not some silly sport where managers and coaches bitch at each other over one player. They can chop off Wayne Rooney's leg for all I care.


sean said...

you can actually unsubscribe to those maxis/hotlink alerts. unfortunately, i subscribe to reuters alerts for work purposes, so i receive world cup scores from them at five a.m. so i turn my phone to silent while sleeping nowadays.

whiterabbit said...

I'm lucky I sleep through most things. Although unfortunately that sometimes includes my alarm clock.

CJ said...

wow... wayne rooney? whossat?

Dweird1 said...

well, if anyone asks u about football... or anything that u've no interest whatsoever to bother about... u can always answer them:

"..i know, it's unbelievable!"

mystery solved. suddenly u're informed. tada.... doesn't apply for math tho.

Elliot T. McBeal said...

sean - I finally found out how to turn off the darn thing.

whiterabbit - yes... don't we all know that feeling.

cj - It's probably someone you would dig :)

Dweird1 - I don't want to seem like to anyone that I even have the slightest interest in football.