Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Interview Allergies

A word of advice for anybody who is current job-hunting like me. Do not stack your interviews. Ideal would be just two per day, and even that might be pushing the limit.


Because if you're like me, you could develop a rash and have this irresistible urge to commit violent acts against your interviewers.

Art Director: Oh so you could do illustrations as well?
Me: Yes.
Art Director: And you wasted three years concentrating on web alone?
Me: ?
Art Director: It's a shame, all that you've learned in university and you only concentrated on web for the past 3 years.
Me: ...
Art Director: Well, in my opinion if you're coming into advertising you will have to go down on your salary price.

I swear if he looked up at me at that very moment he would have probably thought I resembled Jean Grey with her black and putrid PMS expression just right before she obliterated Professor X in X-Men: The Last Stand. Then he would probably end life as a pile of cinders. Did I also mention his boss exposed him as a gutless geek who chickens out of presentations? Well that's my interpretation of what she meant anyway.

After a 12 months delay in her cycle, Jean's period returned with a vengeance

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whiterabbit said...

That art director needs a bitch slap.