Monday, March 13, 2006


And so I have migrated.

Am I running away?

Darn right I am. There are eyes on my journal which are no longer welcomed. Maybe it's petty, maybe it's foolish, but I find it's much more relieving to give in to your emotions rather than fight it.


Perhaps, but I don't really give a damn about how others will judge me. I find that no matter what I do, people will see only the ugly side. Maybe it's just human nature to be fascinated by the things that do not conform to their ideals.

A new beginning?

Yes and no. I no longer can see where what begins or ends. Mostly I just believe "new beginnings" are self induced illusions to conceal the past. Speaking of which, I have always been wanting to update my MSN Messenger list. Thanks to one of those convenient list checkers which allowed me to see who has removed me from theirs, it made the decision a whole lot easier on who stays and who goes.

It is really a mystery, on how love can degenerate into something totally the opposite. It often baffles me as to how most people can just discard any form of relationships, be it friends or lovers, as easily as a piece of used tissue. I guess that is the nature of all things.

When something has outlived its usefulness, there is no reason to keep it around.

It's just me and my sentimental nature.


CJ said...

isn't this a public blog as well? how are you supposed to keep those unwelcomed eyes away?

cold in paris

Elliot T. McBeal said...

It would sound foolish but I am just hoping it would be far from unwelcomed eyes, and hopefully those eyes would never find their way here.

Anonymous said...

it's the migration season!!!
you're not alone doing so and now i feel like doing so too bwahahhaha

anywayz honey i wish you all the best