Wednesday, September 12, 2007

He Will Be Loved

I must have at least seen this video a dozen times with no audio, thanks to Fitness First's Astro broadcast. For those who are not familiar with this, you have to plug in headphones to sockets mounted on the treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes to get the audio of at least six different channels that they have on different TV sets at the same time. Because I rarely if ever use the aforementioned machines I don't get to hear whatever I am watching, so using my imagination to fill in the gaps have become somewhat a norm.

So anyway this particular video tends to get a lot of airplay whenever I am either working out with weights or waiting to do my class. Every time I see it I've always wondered who the hot guy in the video was. Before you shriek how can I not know who that is, let me finish my story first OK? My imagination tends to lend him a deep sexy masculine voice not unlike that of Chris Daughtry or perhaps J.D. Fortune of INXS. The music, judging from the video, I would imagine it to be somewhat along the lines of INXS or U2. As for some reason I always seem to be missing out the credits displayed at the start or end of the video, I didn't even know what band or who the singer was.

OK now you can shriek at my ignorance. Only did I realise last night that I was oogling at the lead member of the band (for three months at least), whose music drives me up the wall and makes me switch stations everytime they play on radio - Maroon 5. I was oogling at Adam Levine, whose voice makes me want to strangle the owner. Seriously, it's a crime for such a handsome face to have such an irritating voice. It's like David Beckham, such a manly face (I still think he's gay though), but with a voice that induces an imagination of me slapping him repeatedly with my sandals. What... I never really liked them so I never did bother to find out how they all looked like OK? And despite the irony that I now find the lead singer highly attractive does not change my opinion that the music is like fingernails across a blackboard to my ears. Can God like switch his body with that of new INXS frontman J.D. Fortune? Don't get me wrong, J.D. Fortune is hot but looks totally gay. Besides I think that will make me appreciate Adam Levine more.

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savante said...

Muahaha. Totally agree with David Beckham's voice. Guess God is fair after all :P