Monday, September 10, 2007

The Fool

I don't know what has gotten into me or why I agreed to the date. Maybe it was at first I thought he was cute in picture and most importantly he had a nice personality. Then when I met him and he turned out not as cute as I thought he would be. But he could be, if I put him in one of my classes everyday for the next 3 months. I know, call me superficial but I think in recent years I have learned to accept that all living things are biologically superficial. It helps strengthen the gene pool. Natural selection favours the strong and the pretty, though being gay kind of negates that theory since we don't breed. We just imitate the act.

Anyway, I don't think I am ready after my disastrous attempt at a relationship 3 months ago. Considering the guy himself seems to able to talk about nothing but his ex. Who is he kidding, he is barely over his ex. Everything he liked about me, he compared to his ex, down to how my weight feels the same on his motorbike. Yes, he took me on a "joyride" on his motorbike. It was so romantic I could have threw up from how cliche it was but I felt nothing because I just didn't feel physically attracted to him. Being a piscean as well makes him a bit way too intense for my liking. I seem to have an affinity to these fish types and in the end they always make me feel like I want to go on a morphine induced coma for the rest of my life. The other thing being he didn't even realise he had a piece of vegetable stuck between his teeth for the whole duration of time he was speaking to me since dinner and that he forgot to zip his pants after a visit to the men's room. Me being too polite, just kept my mouth shut and had my Ally McBeal moments in silence.

Which boils down to the question, why did I even agree to it. Maybe I am being too nice to say no. I told him to expect nothing, that it was nothing but just a try at dating. It that warning enough? Or perhaps I am being too judgmental of his appearance to let it overshadow his nicer personality? So maybe I am not wrong to give him a small chance, right? RIGHT?


Elaine said...

I think you weren't enjoying the 'romance' because of A MILLION other things besides him not being physically attractive. You're not THAT superficial la...

Wait hang on.

Magus_Young said...

close one eye, jump into it, throw off all the bagagges.. heheh

Den Ouji said...

must be hard for you huh =___=