Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Garden Of Souls

People will say I am morbid but I love cemeteries. Sure they are places of death and mourning but they are also very peaceful. Back in my hometown, I used to live walking distance from a chinese cemetery probably as old as the town itself judging from some of the crumbling tombstones. It's a pity I don't know how to read chinese or I would know this for sure. There were evenings which I would spend jogging at the cemetery rather than the noisy human infested Lake Gardens.

Don't I find it scary? I guess not. In fact after a while, the dead almost seem like old friends with their familiar tombs. Like one of those crazy in your head moments from Six Feet Under where characters speak with the dead, you can almost imagine them lounging among their graves greeting you as you go by. I guess that is why some people call cemeteries, gardens of souls. Of course I have never seen anything out of the ordinary amidst the broken stones so I generally think the whole concept of cemeteries being horrible places is pure codswollop perpetuated by Hollywood horror films. Nothing much other than the occasional squirrel, some monkeys and yes, even farm animals like chickens, cows and goats live among the dead - which can be a real nuisance if you ever seen the size of cow crap.

I think jogging in the cemetery is among one of the things I missed the most after starting life in KL.


Magus_Young said...

Cemeteries ? Jogging ? Guess it depends on the individual i think? I've heard of ppl having picnic in cemetery like parks, but still...

Elliot T. McBeal said...

As long as they do not treat it like the gay definition of parks.