Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trouble On The Fast Lane

I must admit, patience is not a virtue of mine. But it was not always so - nowadays I noticed I am more particularly short-tempered. Maybe it's city life, maybe it's a symptom of aging (my mom has this theory that men get more grumpy as they get older). I find myself flustered often especially on the road. All it takes is for one slow driver obstructing my way and I would be yelling obscenities that would give a nun a heartattack. Another particular pet peeve of mine are fast food eatery queues. Well I am not really impatient about the queue itself but rather clueless dim-wits who do not know how to use the queuing time to decide what they would like to order or ask remarkably stupid questions like:

"How big your burger ar?"

*Long pause while fingering the menu* "Uuuuuuhhhhh..."

*Looking at partner* "What you want to order ar?"
*Clueless partner looks back* "I dunno ar... what you ordering?"
"I haven't decided ar... you order first laaa"

The latter usually makes me more livid than the rest. I still remember this particular one from my days in high school related to me by a friend. It was during the time when McDonald's was selling these little teddy bears.

McD Employee: Hi miss can I take your order?
Clueless Woman: Yes, I will have set (insert number). I want to buy the McTeddy as well.
McD Employee: Would you like your set small, medium or large?
Clueless Woman: The teddy ar?
McD Employee: ....

I think my friend almost keeled over when he overheard the conversation. Another prime example of wasted queuing time as well delaying the queue. It is beyond me as to why these people can't be bothered to look at the huge menus plastered on the wall behind the counter before their turn to place their order. The more obvious ones would be couples who are too busy fondling each other. No offence girls, but you're the prime instigators. And nothing ticks me off more than fat girls dressed in tight, mid-rift exposing jeans and tops canoodling with their beng/mat rock boyfriends instead of making up their minds. Well actually it wouldn't matter if they are with their boyfriends or with a similarly dressed female monstrosity, either way they are likely to piss me off. Either I have an affinity to always end up behind such species while lining up for anything or KL just happen to be full of these salah cases.

And straight people wonder why we're gay. You're just blind.


whiterabbit said...

Why, you are obviously blind to my charms. Ho ho ho~

Elliot T. McBeal said...

whiterabbit: you're on the wrong frequency.

savante said...

What's all that talk about the size of burgers :)


joshua said...

I am so totally on your side bout this... Darndest people love to waste time at the counter. Grr

Elliot T. McBeal said...

savante: Uh... out of the whole entry and only that caught your attention? Men are their preoccupation with sizes... :)

joshua: I think it helps if you imagine bashing their faces on the burger grill.