Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tales From The Gym

After a month instructing at the not-so-new "new" venue, I have finally had enough of the poorly maintained equipment. Members looked half-dead from the erratic bursts in resistance and I felt like someone threw a punch in my gut. So I sent this message to the "ever friendly" coordinator:

Dude, I know your manager promised you new bikes, but can you look into upkeeping the current ones first? It's like a ride of death every week.

Barely a minute later, a reply came:

Already called for repair...

I was rather pleased with the reply but later after I left the locker and came back I saw this message on my phone:

Please understand I teach there too. We've been rushing them to repair all the time.

Took a look at the schedule board, and "friendly coordinator"'s name was not there. He must be thinking I was borned yesterday. Not that I am not being empathic to the coordinators' endless declarations of being very busy people, but most of the other coordinators I worked with are very receptive to any reports of the condition of the equipments. The previous coordinator kept them spic & span. Another coordinator at the neighbouring branch entertained no excuses for delay from the maintenance people. Incompetence? You tell me.


savante said...

Ah, equipment that just doesn't work and repairmen that never come by. I sympathize since we go through the same problems where I work :)


Elliot T. McBeal said...

savante: Wait, from what I gather from your journal, you're a doctor based in Malacca? And you're telling me you have same trouble with repairmen in where you work. Ok, I will remind myself to be extra careful not to be faced with any medical emergencies while visiting Malacca.