Monday, July 17, 2006

Mysterious Klang Valley: Part I

Klang Valley, a strange place of many mysteries. Where the unexplained thrives amid everyday lives.

The Mystery of the Traffic Slow-Down

In many areas around Klang Valley there are strange spots where strange occurrences happen that seem to defy logic, the unexplainable traffic slow-downs are one of them. This phenomenon have been known to happen on highways, one of the most afflicted being Federal Highway in front of Angkasapuri. For reasons unknown, traffic will automatically slow down in such areas at all hours of the day, usually resulting in massive traffic congestions during rush hours. Strangely after one has cleared the area, traffic immediately begins to pick up again.

Intelligent minds such as mine have theorised the possibility of some distortion in space, time and continuum, a result of a cocktail of stupidity caused by drivers who passed their driving tests via bribery and poor city planning. Drivers who have passed by such stretches have reported fluctuation in patience and temper and also loss of time.

The Strange Diggers

Almost observed in many parts of Klang Valley, the Strange Diggers resemble roadworks labourers. These enigmatic beings have been known to appear at the same spot again and again to continuously dig up the roads at all hours of the day and night, but more commonly during peak busy hours. Appearances vary, sometimes just consisting of a few workers to full blown menageries of heavy duty tractors and steamrollers accompanied by a whole army of labourers. A badly patched up road is the usual sign that the Strange Diggers have been at work.

Of what reason why these strange beings keep digging at the same spots are unknown. It is believed that Klang Valley apparently sits on a large gold mine and the government is involved in an elaborate cover-up to deceive the masses about this. Others have speculated that the government are building an elaborate network of tunnels beneath Klang Valley. The existence of such tunnels are well-known in the administrative capital of Putrajaya. Could it be possible that such similar tunnels are being built right beneath our noses? What purpose could these mysterious tunnels serve?

Petronas Twin Towers: The Great Mausoleum of the Modern Age?

The Petronas Twin Towers have been known to be the pride and pinnacle of success of the Malaysian government. Look carefully though. The towers resemble a typical Islamic tomb. For those who have never seen one, a typical Islamic tomb consist of a a raised tier which is topped by twin tombstones. In the Petronas Twin Towers' case, KLCC resembles the raised tier while the twin towers resemble the tombstones. But if a tomb is what KLCC is, then who could it be possibly for? Ancient rulers of the past have been known to built elaborate tombs while they are still alive. However, the king is a constitutional and elected monarch, which eliminates the chance that any particular king is getting any special tomb. Could it be possible that some kind of conspiracy ala Da Vinci Code be involved? If so, who could possibly be buried underneath the concourse of KLCC?

*Disclaimer: This entry is meant for satirical purposes only.

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