Thursday, April 20, 2006

When I Was Young...

1. I used to think that different countries were located on different planets which we traverse in spaceships.

2. I was terrified of the dark and deathly afraid of what lurks underneath my bed at night.

3. I thought people get pregnant automatically after marriage.

4. Mannequins and huge religious statues freak me out because I thought they would move.

5. There was nudity on national television.

6. I thought when people get together naked on the bed they just kiss and cuddle.

7. I didn't bother looking for toilets to relieve my bladder so any drain will do. Though I will have to say aloud, "Excuse me, I'm peeing" to avoid pissing on the local "Datuk".

8. I couldn't watch horror movies without covering my eyes and sneaking peeks between my fingers to ensure the scary scenes were over.

9. Any stray animal was a friend. Well actually I still think they are.

10. A dark banana grove nearby my home (which has since been bulldozed for new houses) was a terrifying place.

11. I was disgusted at snails and slugs, all of which I would kill by sprinkling salt on them. My nanny encouraged the practice.

12. I would have no qualms about crawling into claustrophobic covered drains to rescue the occasional foolish chicken.

13. I rescued every stray kitten I found because I thought the mothers abandoned them.

14. Cockcroaches were my sworn enemies because one crawled up my leg and I could feel the horrible hooks on their legs.

15. For some reason I found my late grandfather's foot annoying, of which he would on purpose push in my direction.

16. I could pass off as a girl, even when I am not in girls' clothing (ahem).

17. We had a neighbourhood fireworks and firecrackers war every Chinese New Year. One landed in front of me once and exploded, showering me with drain water and my ears were ringing for weeks after that.

18. I thought I was in love with my nanny's niece. We even had a "couple photo".

19. I was a kleptomaniac in kindergarten but would discard my booty later because of conscience pangs.

20. I believed in the 18 layers of Taoist Hell.


sean said...

OMG you were the class kleptomaniac! So the sweets, pencil sharpeners and scented erasers vanished because of you! Luckily you never got caught and caned in front of the class...

Elaine said...

I was a kleptomaniac too. But it was when I was much older... around the age of 11.

Dweird1 said...

i still eat free menthos from carrefour.