Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This MSN Messenger conversation was in reference to this entry.

me: your boyfriend f*cks guys??
whiterabbit: you wish
me: only if your boyfriend looks like Rain (the Korean popstar)
whiterabbit: lolololol
whiterabbit: Rain is so hot
whiterabbit: ironic as that sounds
me: why ironic?
whiterabbit: Rain?
whiterabbit: hot?
me: oh darling that was so lame
me: and here I was thinking of something more complicated like thinking Rain was hot was too bimbonic for the likes of you
whiterabbit: oh, didn't you know?
whiterabbit: I've changed
me: yes, gone was the angst dyke
me: now long hair ger ger (girl girl) liao
whiterabbit: eeyerrrr
whiterabbit: you make it sound so disgusting
me: long hair ger ger who gigger gigger (giggle giggle) over Rain
me: and goes "omg like he is sooooooo hawt"
whiterabbit: EWWWWW
me: yes now we're sisters both you and I
me: we will have slumber parties every weekend and gigger gigger over Rain and other hotties and have pink pillow fights
whiterabbit: get away from me you freak
me: this is so going into my blog

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