Monday, June 28, 2010


We were all beings who represented as aspect of existence. Our very being governs the weave of reality itself. Each of us has a counterpart, who were the opposite of the other. And that was the way it was. But for the billions of years since our existence we have become unchanging and that itself is becoming a danger. The eldest summons a conclave in the Glass Tower that lies above all reality and we come. In our high pinnacle, we oversee all.

So it was decided to change the balance, one of us must be sacrificed and sent into Reality to become mortal. To do so however will damage the fabric of existence. The eldest decided that the least significant of us will have to cross the barrier of the Halfway Realm to Reality. Functionless was the chosen one to fulfill the task. But she was fearful of the decision and refuses to comply for none of our kind has taken the journey across the Halfway Realm. To allay her fears, I volunteered to accompany her.

So we crossed the doorway, from the realm beyond existence into the Halfway Realm, which was a narrow claustrophobic corridor that connects both worlds. Once she has crossed into Reality, I must remain behind in the Halfway Realm and watch over her from behind the transparent doorway of which mortals cannot see but those of our kind are aware. I cannot cross the barrier for to do so will destroy space and time. So there I remained for 28 days while Functionless became mortal, all the while being able to see me waiting behind the doorway that no mortals can discern. Once she was fully mortal, she comes back to the doorway and begs me to stay with her. She begs and pleads, and finally she forcefully pulls me into Reality.

Immediately upon setting foot into Reality I became aware of its unraveling. The lack of my aspect in the weave has upset the balance. And to my horror, there beyond the horizon of the city, a terrible storm emerged like apocalyptic beast swallowing all in its path. Red lightning flashed in its all engulfing dark clouds. The very air crackled and smelled of electricity. Buildings crumbled before the lashing lightning and vanished in the darkness.

Pushing her away I dashed back into the Halfway Realm and stumbled back into the Glass Tower, just moments away before the Reality Storm engulfs the tower. My peers stare in horror at the vanishing horizon. With all my strength I reasserted myself back into the weave of Reality, bearing the brunt of the storm. The dark clouds recoiled almost immediately, as if struck by an invisible force. But not before several bolts of red hot lightning seared the tower, shaking it to the very foundations. The air was charged. And almost immediately, the storm disappears, thunder rumbling in its wake. My peers mumbled in silent wonder and terror of the vanishing storm as I felt the breath sucked out of me and I collapsed on my knees...

- excerpt

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Simply Brilliant!