Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dream Log

*Missing memory*

I was in someone's house. It looked familiar because it looked somewhat like my house but I knew it wasn't mine but I somehow knew it belonged to a friend of mine. My friend's mom and another friend was cleaning a room, and I knew there were drugs in it. Somehow I just couldn't be bothered and I just lay there on the couch reading.

*Missing memory*

Somehow, friend's mom had not come across the drugs, because the other friend had hidden it. The other friend whom moments ago I could not identify now seem to have a face of an old schoomate. We were at the seaside, with the water up to our waists. He just began getting rid of the drugs which turned out to be cocaine by dumping it into the sea.

"How did you manage to evade the mom?" I asked.

"Just kept it out of her sight." he replied.

"Seems like such a waste to be getting rid of it like this..." I said impassively as I dumped a whole packet of the stuff into the sea.

*Missing memory*

We were at this strange pool by the sea. Someone appeared to be drowning in it. We could see him struggling underneath. Schoolmate jumps in and pulls him out after much difficulty. Drowning guy denied he was drowning and claims he was a diving instructor. Schoolmate and I leave, with me feeling much disgusted that he didn't even appear thankful. Schoolmate is sympathetic and decides we should go KFC so we did. Except KFC did not look like any regular KFC. It had a lot of funny stuff there which doesn't appear on the real world menu though I can no longer recall what it was. I just recalled I wanted the ordinary snack plate but the queue was long.

*Missing memory*

I was back at friend's place, where the drugs were. Friend turns out to be Laynie. I was lazing on the bed telling her how thankful she should be that we manage to hide the smack from her mom but she just laughs and made dismissive gestures.


Laynie said...

The only smack I got for you is the tight one I'll be delivering to your face. Since when you associate me with drugs???

Elliot T. McBeal said...

How I know hur hur... maybe subconsciously to me you look like a drug addict? :P