Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I love Annie Lennox. I don't care if she's old enough to be my mother and that I am also a screaming fag. I would marry this woman in a blink. I know I have declared my undying love for Sarah McLachlan before, but Annie is a classic. This is the woman who inspired Neil Gaiman's anthromorphic aspect of Desire. She's the original gender chameleon. She might possibly be the only recording artist in the whole world who could get away with covering someone else's song and make it her own. Plus, she doesn't have granny arms like minging Madonna. Since embedding is disabled, click on the link below to see and listen to her latest single, a cover of Ash's Shining Light.

Click Me!

And I am much amused by some of the feedback on the single, most of them positive of course. Here's a few that really tickled me:

"After all these years, she still looks like an icon! Inspired cover version, and she could teach old slappers like Madonna a thing or two about how to get older with dignity and style. Not to mention how to sing! Well done Annie!"

"Annie i can't stand you....but...think this song suits your voice.

It truly hurt to say that.

"Annie is so useless and talentless and that is why she is Britains most successful female artsist and won grammys, brits, ivor novellos, golden globes, a oscar and countless others. Plus sold over 80 million records."

"Seriously, only this woman can pull off covering any song and positively own it!"

Oh wait... that last one was me...

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