Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Don't Care About The Elections

No, I don't care about the elections, and no, I am not a registered voter. I don't rule out one day I might exercise my rights to vote but right now I rather exercise my rights NOT to vote. Politicians and zealous friends can call people like me irresponsible but I think it takes greater restraint to not take sides. It seems rather pointless to me when I see no one worth voting for. The present government can just shut up because no matter what they say, it is a government divided by thinly veiled racial lines where equality, education and economic policies are concerned. I certainly have no faith in Abdullah Badawi, whom half the time looks like he doesn't know what he's talking about. Makes you wonder how this person stay up there when he answers question like a headless chicken during a recent interview by CNN. The opposition can promise nothing either because they have no experience whatsoever in running a country nor can they set aside their own differences to instill any confidence.

However when it comes to deciding the lesser of several evils, I would deny PAS any votes if I really had to choose. So despite my lack of confidence in the ruling coalition, I will certainly be glad to see them stamped out for good in the coming elections. As it is, the lines between state and religion are already blurred enough. To have this bunch of fundamentalist retards anywhere in the government is a hindrance to development if not a step backward. Hell, PAS should just come up with the tagline, "Vote PAS, think Afghanistan!".

So BN, DAP, PAS or whatever, I can't really be bothered with politics. To me, politics is just like money - by all pure logic, we don't really need it but through some twist in evolution, money has become the sole driving force in human survival. So for the same reasons we have somehow created a dependency on governments and politicians to survive. For the past five thousand years, humanity have created a muck that will take probably another few thousand years to unravel, if anybody is working towards Utopia in the first place. I am just waiting for tomorrow to come and go quickly come so that I don't have to read propaganda in the papers everyday, see eyesore banners in every corner of the streets and listening to silly politicians trying to outdo each other like some adult version of a kindergarten playground. Don't make us any promises because we don't need to hear it. Just shut up and do your job.

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