Monday, April 02, 2007


I suddenly developed this irresistible urge to travel to places where I have never been before. I want to see things I have never seen before, experience culture which I have never experienced, walk in foreign soil, breathe the different air and Sean will probably rejoice in this, taste the different food. My friends seem to regale tales of their travels all the time and I find myself wondering why I put myself off all the time from doing the same, traveling I mean. I think I can afford it though I am not exactly a very well-to-do person but for some reason I am just afraid to use the money which I had worked so hard for. Ok well, sometimes not so hard. Here are some of the places I hope to visit one day.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Florence, Italy

Cairo, Egypt

Athens, Greece

Provence, France

I think I get very frustrated sometimes with myself. Those who know me well enough will know I am not exactly a spendthrift. It is a habit I picked up from young. Ever since the day I stepped foot in a kindergarten right up till I was Form 6, I have never received a cent of pocket money. Not that my parents wouldn't give, just that I had never asked for it. I'd only ever asked for money whenever I required to buy something, which gave my parents direct control over what I bought. The things that I bought without my parents knowing, came from the money I saved over years of angpow money from Chinese New Years. Even that, the only things I ever was willing to spend on were books. Bear in my mind that my two elder brothers receive pocket money regularly, for some reason I seem to be excluded from the "payroll".

Which brings me now back to the present. My forced habit of being a miser has somewhat dulled my enthusiasm to spend on entertainment. When I eat, I think about venues that would give me the most by paying less, when I want to travel, I think about the dent it will cause in my accounts. Sometimes I wish I could just tell myself to screw it while I empty my account


k said...

hmm. the way i look at it. there's no point in saving up all that money if u're not going to use it. u won't b able to carry it to the grave with u.. tht's for sure.

s n aside. other than the uffizi. there's nothing interesting in florence. venice is far prettier n quaint. v much different from anything u might have come across on yr travels.

xxxguy said...

what about switzerland! >.<

Pls la, learn to pamper yourself. All those "hard" *cough* work deserves some rewards. It's okay to treat yourself sometimes I believe. Go shopping or something. But don't call me to follow you. I hate shopping lol!

Elliot T. McBeal said...

k: But it's Florence! The birthplace of the Renaissance! I think I will nail my feet there and refuse to leave... if I ever get there...

xxxguy: I am not a shopper as well, I just buy what I need and run.