Friday, June 12, 2009

Profile Headline FAIL

Just some really FAIL headlines I found while trolling profile sites in boredom:

"i want to search any people that i can have fun with them.. " - well you can't discredit him for being not picky.

"Just me n me only..looking for below my age n ready for ltr not for fun..say no to sissy n chub also indians" - Racist! And uh... disciminator!

"Men with a great structure of body! Hot Sexy - MALAY ONLY " - Yeah everybody loves a great uh... erection.

"DONT TRUST ANY PEOPLE ESPECIALLY UR BF AND UR BEST FRIENDS..THEY WILL TREAT U BADLY ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " - you can taste his bitterness all the way from here.

"Don't call me anything fussy because I'm a Headliner. " - trying to be witty FAIL.

"Hi, lets have fun" - direct WIN!

"HoNeSt-----The MoSt ImPortANt One.... TrUsT...sHouLd Be ALonG wIth RelAtIoNsHiP " - ThErE iS sOmEtHiNg aBoUt hIs RoLlEr CoAsTeR lEtTerIng tHat JuSt PuTs Me OfF.

"I'm mixed. Please don't ask about my new photos...I won't give it anyway... I already give my dick photos for you guys to see..." - an emotional plea.

"very open minded n don't like to be push in any situation... people will love me in the way i am... ... "
- Loser WIN. Confidence FAIL.

"looking for fun and all that goes with it " - you know this guy absolutely knows a good bargain.

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