Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tree Is A Company IV: Christmas Lights FAIL... AGAIN

Seriously, what are the chances that two strands of lights blow out before Christmas while the third replacement, after a painstaking extrication and replacement session, HAS A FAULTY CONNECTOR? My currently half unadorned Christmas tree sits in the center of the living room awaiting the next set of replacement lights, with ornaments strewn all over the floor and sofa.

Yes indeed, I DO hate Christmas.

On a positive not, I loved Bolt. You've got to admit, it was cheesy, it was predictable and it was definitely designed to make you go "Awwww..." but hell, it's one of those movies that just makes you feel all melted and warm and fuzzy inside. Almost brought a tear to my eye... ALMOST. It sure beats Twilight, although very much a faithful adaptation of the book despite the compressed timelines. Both are crap, and Stephenie Meyer ought to be shot for unleashing this gruesome equivalent of a teenage girl's wet dream into the world. What the hell is wrong with those people out there who loves this piece of literary garbage?

The line that really cracked me and whiterabbit up:

Edward: (Looking all angsty while getting all sparkly like Christmas tinsel under the sun) This is the skin of a monster.
Bella: You're so beautiful...

Both of us almost gagged.

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