Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Logic?

There are things that people sometimes which just defies common sense and logic. Here are some that I come across everyday:

The McDonald's Drive-Through

So the purpose of a drive-through is for a speedy take-away without getting down from the car right? I actually experimented with this after what I thought was a rather lengthy wait in the drive-through. One day during a particularly long queue at the drive-through, I decided to just park my car and get my take-away right at the counter instead. Before I went in, I marked a car in the queue just to see who would be faster, me or the car. 5 minutes later I came out with my order and the car? Still where it was with the driver none too wiser. From that day onwards, no more drive-throughs for me, unless I am pretty sure there was no queue.

The Queue

There will always be those who ladle their food in tiny portions while the long queue at the back of them gets frustrated at their apparent slowness. Why not just take a big scoop and get EXACTLY the portion you want instead of taking it in tiny bits? And speaking of McDonald's earlier, there are also always those who would never consider about what they are ordering while lining up and then proceed to frustrate others at the back when their turn comes by asking, "Uhhh... how big your burger ar??".

The Reverse Parkers

It's quite a common sight to find people do reverse parking in shopping mall car-parks. Never mind that they drive huge big ass clumsy cars which are way too big for them, they also take a hell of a long time going back and forth several times before their car moves into the parking space. I have questioned several of my friends on why they choose to reverse park instead of just driving in head first. Usually the reply would be, "It's more easier for me to come out later". From my own personal experience?

Time it takes to reverse park = 30 - 60 seconds depending on how skillful you are
Time it takes to drive out a car which had been reverse-parked = 10 seconds

Time it takes to drive a car in directly = 10 seconds
Time it takes to drive out a car which had been direct parked = 20 seconds


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Elaine Chow said...

The whole reverse parking thing = I KNOWWWWW!!! So irritating right??? And then guys like to make fun of me for parking head-first, saying it's 'typical of women drivers'.

And when people are waiting for you to get into your parking space, as you're taking up the lane, so that they can keep driving, and you do the reverse thing regardless, it's much, much worse.