Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stupid Tree Hugger

My favourite love-hate season is around the corner. I love it for the cosy and nostalgic mood it evokes and I hate it because I can never get cosy and the nostalgia makes me depressed. It's Christmas time folks, the season where everybody celebrates a holiday that nobody truly remembers what for. Originally to commemorate the birth of Christ whom bible historians believe was not even really born on December, 25th but probably somewhere in July. But thanks to the manipulations of the church, it was somehow moved to coincide with pagan winter festivals - probably to con pagans into converting. Seriously, so men gets to decide the Son-of-God's (who is suppose to be God's embodiment in the flesh but if that is the case why is God his own son?) birthday now? That aside, what are we really celebrating in Christmas anyway? I think Santa Claus and his gay elves are higher on the popularity list compared to Jesus on a holiday to remember his own birth.

Sorry, I am rambling and diverging from the original topic. Last night after feeling relatively disappointed and neglected over some issues, out of an inexplicable urge I almost ended up with a faux Christmas tree. For some reason I always liked these holiday monstrosities that cost a bomb and is only displayed once a year before being relegated to some obscure corner of the storeroom till one year later. I had the freaking 5 feet thing in my arms and was practically shopping for trimmings before I came to my senses. What the hell am I to do with a Christmas tree in a tiny suburban flat where pathetically single me lives alone and nobody ever bothers to visit (except when it suits their convenience)? I WASN'T EVEN A CHRISTIAN! I chucked the bloody thing in disgust back into its bin and got away from it as far as possible before my senses threaten to lapse again. Bear in mind I was at it for a full 30 minutes before logic finally surfaced.

I love/hate Christmas. It makes me feel funny. I don't like feeling funny. It's a time that makes me feel like spending quality time with loved ones when I would rather be left alone. The sight of Christmas trees makes me sigh, and then I feel like torching every single one I see with a flamethrower. It's the time of the year when my bed feels empty the most. What am I doing on that ruddy day? Screaming at gym members to pedal faster. Here's another Merry F*cking Christmas to me.


k said...

aww. poor thing. well since it's christmas. i hope u find tht special someone to warm yr bed for u. stay merry.

Birdzilla said...

Tree huggers are such a bunch of jerks their so far out in the middle of down town stupud city they have absolutly no signs of brains their steady diets of veggies and no meat have shrunk their brains down to pea size

Flu-Bird said...

A few years ago some tree huggers/sitters were sitting up in some trees trying to impersonate that dingbat eco-freak dim-wit JULIA(BUTTERFLY)HILL and ended up with a local judge ordering a injuntion ordering them out of the trees becuase unlike what that wackos down in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA do us up here in the STATE OF JEFFERSON dont have very many tree huggers and our one eco-freak group here disbanded